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Procurement Platform for
Multi-Location Dental Practices.

ProSuite streamlines ordering across locations for all vendors. Administrators appreciate the single portal to manage purchasing, while individual offices enjoy a familiar ecommerce experience. 

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What is ProSuite?

Managing dental supply purchasing, inventory and order tracking for multiple dental practices can be chaotic. ProSuite is a robust, yet easy-to-use dental supply purchasing and order management software. It enables your organization to set budgets, establish formulary compliance and access hundreds of vendors from one platform, with one payment.

Save 5+ Hours Per Week Ordering Dental Supplies


"Supply Clinic has completely transformed our ordering and inventory for the better. and certainly helped us save thousands a year. The best part is that when I call or email, I always get a human - a helpful, responsive one who works to make my life easier!"

Bryan P. Jacobs DMD, MS, FACP

Diplomate, American Board of Prosthodontics


Why ProSuite?
Automate Processes

Easily manage individual offices with customizable approval processes and shipment tracking in real-time. This prevents duplicate orders and ensures all locations get the best prices on all products.

Intuitive User Experience

ProSuite is the easiest-to-adopt procurement software with virtually no learning curve. Plus, onboarding and training are included! Dental professionals love the simple reordering tools, clear pricing, stock levels, and ship lead times.

Budget Control

Your negotiated formulary pricing is available in addition to over 300,000 items from over 150 authorized vendors. Set an organization-wide preferred list of items, per-satellite monthly budget, and check out once making one payment order.

Data Visualization

Easily identify cost-saving opportunities with a dedicated performance metrics module. Track total spend against budget with spend per location, vendor, product category, and formulary compliance. Plus, quickly view order history and export your ledger.


Powered by Supply Clinic's Marketplace known for its human-centered approach with outstanding customer service.


ProSuite is built on the powerful Supply Clinic Marketplace allowing you to price compare 60,000+ products from over 150 vendors, without leaving the platform.

The Supply Clinic Support Team is dedicated to helping dental professionals quickly and efficiently order dental supplies so they can get back to what's important, serving patients.

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8 Habits of a Highly

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